Social activities

One of the primary goals of an adult day care is providing an environment that encourages social activity. Many a time, it is difficult for seniors to surround themselves with people their own age. This leaves them feeling left out even when the family is around. Their children and grandchildren are a source of happiness no doubt but with their busy schedules, seniors tend to feel lonely.

Therefore, it is important that family and friends fill the gap so that the elderly can have a sense of companionship.  They will not feel left out in the absence of family or friends. Choosing to consider an adult day care will help each member to have a sense of belonging, as he or she becomes part of a larger group.

When looking for an ideal adult day care, one that provides social activities is very important. This rule applies even when the individual requires medical care.

Purpose of Social Activities for the Elderly

Including social activities comes with several benefits for the elderly. These include:

Strengthen and improve social skills 

As people age, they tend to seclude themselves from several social activities. Aging will also restrict the activities seniors can partake. An adult day care will incorporate ideal games and other activities that will not strain the elderly. Through games, they will interact more with other members without necessarily having to identify a topic of discussion.  

Avoid reclusion (feeling of imprisonment)

Isolation has a negative impact on people. A chance to interact with others of the same age with similar personalities is encouraging. Social activities seek to avoid a feeling of imprisonment. They can move about and remain active under the care of specialists and experts.

Overcome shyness and boost comfort

The elderly can be shy especially when they feel like they are not up to what others are doing. This is not the case when people surrounding them are their age because they feel like they are on a level playing field. They are not embarrassed because they know that other members understand them.

What to incorporate as social activities

Understanding the elderly helps to outline the possible social activities to include. Generally, including the following activities is important.


Relevant games are essential for seniors not only for enhancing their social life but also boosts physical wellness. Games also boost mental stimulation.


Entertainment involving aspects such as music and dancing can be very helpful as an individual ages. The facility chooses relevant songs and in many cases allowing members to select what they want to listen to. This is a good idea to rekindle the old days.

Shared meals

Sharing meals and snacks is a good gesture in encouraging social activity. This session brings members together with open discussions. As they grab a snack or meal, they come together putting everything else aside.

Bottom Line

Encouraging social activity among the seniors builds social, physical as well as mental wellbeing. While family may be busy to regularly indulge in social activities with their seniors, an adult day care will help them meet social objectives.