Beauty services

Caring for the elderly does not end caring for their hygiene and medical needs. Meeting seniors’ needs extends to addressing their beauty and relaxation needs. Other than working towards enhancing their appearance, seniors’ beauty therapy comes with physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Including beauty programs in care homes will complete the type of services to meet their specific needs.

Benefits of Beauty Therapy

Some of the services in seniors’ beauty therapy include specialized skin care, hair therapy, and massage therapy sessions. These programs are essential for the elderly the benefits below.

Boosts self-esteem

When people age, aging signs such as wrinkles and skin marks become a worry for many. Beauty therapy boosts self-esteem, as the elderly feel comfortable in their own skin. Feeling and looking beautiful is important despite aging. It also plays a role in boosting confidence so that the elders can take on other activities without holding back.

Promotes health benefits

The older people get, the more vulnerable they are to health issues. This is not to say that avoiding medication is a solution for elders undergoing medical aid. Beauty therapy will only add to the benefits arising from medical use. Incorporating beauty therapy will help to address some health concerns.

Increase blood flow to limbs.

Proper circulation becomes difficult with age. Massage therapy will help to boost blood flow into the limps with the aim of enhancing mobility. A specialist will understand which parts of the body to target during massages. They are also gentle to prevent causing pain.

Softens hardened muscles

Due to the decreasing amount of activity, muscles become tense and tight as people age. Massage therapy will soften the muscles by increasing blood flow. Massages will reduce the pain from tightness to ease walks and jogging.

It eases stroke recovery

Stroke is common with seniors. After a stroke, it is a challenge to walk or move for seniors. In an effort to help focus on areas that might be paralyzed, massage therapy comes in handy.

It stimulates the nervous system

During massage therapy, the body releases hormones such as serotine and dopamine and neurotransmitters that are beneficial to the nervous system. Proper coordination improves balance among seniors. Better balance addresses a common problem, falls, facing seniors.

It relieves arthritic pain

Arthritis can be painful and overwhelming. Considering that, massage therapy promotes better blood circulation and leaves a more relaxed feeling, seniors will benefit through pain relief.

Enhances physical benefits

Beauty therapy includes skin care as well as massage therapy. Skin care for seniors will address the physical appearance of our seniors. This will boost confidence and self-esteem. In reference to massage therapy, physical benefits include:

  • Better mobility
  • Increase flexibility
  • Helps to relax

Beauty therapy addresses both exterior and interior beauty needs. It is important to help seniors feel and look good about themselves. Beauty therapy does not end with this. The benefits trickle down to health and physical wellness. Working with a specialist will address major therapeutic concerns. Consult with Prestige Adult Day Care to receive relevant beauty therapy.