How to Find the Right Adult Day Care Center

The elderly are a gem in people’s lives and society. They are loved ones including parents, grandparents and those who are close at heart. As they age, responsibilities increase and they need more care and attention. The workload for an individual or family can be too much to handle considering that; they still have to attend to other responsibilities such as work and school.




Why not consider an adult day care center. Many have heard of nursing homes but these two are not to be confused to be similar. Adult day care centers are ideal for the elderly who:

  • May feel lonely at home
  • May need minor medical care during the day
  • Have busy family members

What is an Adult Day Care Center?

Adult day care centers offer medical and personal assistance for seniors who cannot care for themselves with the limitation that they provide their services only during the day. Their services vary and depending on individual needs and preference, families can choose the best option to suit the needs of their loved ones.

Types of Adult Day Care Centers

There are three types of these centers. Understanding their difference will help through the decision-making process.  

Social daycare

Social centers focus on the social well-being of the members allowing them to interact and have fun. Normally, they do not have complications and they only seek to reduce boredom and loneliness. The center will also address minor health-related services.

Medical daycare

Medical day care centers mainly focus on providing medication supervision alongside therapy services. A nurse is always available on site to help administer medication and check their diet. Also, they provide social activities.

Specialized daycare

Specialized adult care centers provide both social and medical and they have the capacity to accommodate elders with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The staff ensures that members do not wander off thus preventing accidents and injuries.

Services Provided

Senior citizens have varying needs and by matching these needs to services provided by such centers, provide a positive outcome.

  • Accessibility to the center and around the center/ Transportation

Keep in mind that daycare means that the family must present their member every morning and pick them up at the end of the day. These trips should not be tiring or overwhelming. Avoid straining the elderly or giving them a hard time. A transportation plan by the center will ease picking and dropping of members. On accessibility, the center should come with easily accessible rooms that also accommodate wheelchairs to boost mobility.

  • Available social and therapeutic activities

Social activities aim at boosting communication. Centers should be able to provide simple yet captivating games and entertainment activities including singing games.

Therapeutic activities boost physical, emotional, and mental wellness. These activities are designed to suit seniors and they should be customized to help address personal preferences.

  • Grooming and hygiene

The elderly are sensitive and individuals must uphold hygiene. Exposing them to dust and dirt may lead to medical complications. Adult day care center should ensure that the surrounding is clean and that the members are well groomed. Therefore, families should visit the center before making the final decision. The idea is to make seniors feel good about themselves as well as appreciated by their family members.

Importance of finding the right adult day care center

Families find it difficult to entrust organizations with their loved ones as they age. Finding the right adult day care center will ensure peace of mind for both parties. The elderly will be able to relate with others their age and their families can attend to their day-to-day activities. Even better, families get to spend quality time with their seniors at the end of the day.

Benefit from medical and personal help for seniors while addressing any special needs. Contact Prestige Adult Day Care on (720) 476-3898 for more information on services the seniors can benefit. The staff is always ready to help and enlighten their members on the best approach to consider.