Meeting the Needs of Our Seniors

Meeting the Needs of Our Seniors

The United States Census Bureau estimates that all the baby boomers will be older than 65 by 2030. The implication here is that the retirement age is going to be expanded to include 1 in every 5 people in the retirement age. Soon, the baby boomers will age and exceed the number of children in US. Thus, it is critical to seek to understand the needs of this older generation if they are to be cared for as they should.  

Keeping the seniors engaged and active, even at advanced stages in life is the surest way to ensure that they age with grace. It would really be frustrating if these senior citizens were left on their own without proper care. They certainly would want to be included in programs that promote the health of their bodies and minds as well. Here are ways through which senior citizens can be engaged.

1. Encouraging participation in activities

Living a healthy life is of critical importance to senior citizens. There are numerous risks of disease and infections to which the elderly people are exposed if their health is not properly monitored. The best ways of staying healthy always maintaining an active lifestyle. Participation in physical activities promotes health by improving body circulation and strengthening muscles. In fact, the reason why many senior citizens outlive people younger than them is because of their active lifestyle. The Texas A &M University Health and Science Center confirms this. “Men and women in the US are living longer and enjoying active lifestyles well into their 80’s and 90’s”, they say.

Maintaining a nutritious diet, getting enough rest, drinking a lot of water and staying physically fit are the ingredients that go into guaranteeing quality life for senior citizens at an advanced age. Old age accelerates the loss of stamina and strength because of reduced physical activity. In fact, a majority of the adults get hospitalised due to the falls caused by reduced strength in the limbs.

2. Maintaining mental health

Another critical area of need for the seniors is mental engagement. Having a healthy mind is important for all people, particularly the elderly. The different aspects of brain health include emotional, motor and sensory function that control how one feels, controls their movements and analyse and respond to emotions. There are several therapeutic programs intended to maintain a proper mental health for facilitating engagement with the surroundings. Art therapy, aromatherapy, music and horticulture therapy are just a few of the programs employed towards achieving this objective. Involving the seniors in such programs will ensure that they remain alert and engaged.

3. Encouraging social interactions

Man was never intended to be an island. This is true for people of all ages. There is always the need to relate to the people around so as to feel appreciated and acknowledged. Loss of social contact can easily drive one to feelings of loneliness, depression and, eventually, suicidal tendencies. The senior citizens experience this need more acutely as their capacity for moving around is diminished. A simple reduction in one’s energy levels may adversely affect their social activity. Programs that offer social interaction can be of great help in meeting this need in senior citizens. Social activities like live entertainment, talks and debates as well as family visits can be great in encouraging active socialisation.

At Prestige Adult Care Services, we are committed to meeting these and many other needs for the seniors we work with. Our creative and engaging programs ensure that you are cared for in the best way possible. Our staff are trained to anticipate and meet the needs of the senior citizens both at individual and group levels.

If you need Denver adult day care services that will meet all the needs of your loved one, talk to us and let us help you give them the care they deserve.